Only a dreamer…

Silhouettes are mystical in a kaleidoscope of dreamscapes….


It’s only a wind chime meant to add melody to the dull moments in life but put under scrutiny, those are dancing dolphins to me. The sweetest reminder that sometimes,  dreams are better than the inexplicable reality that we face everyday. The lyrics to my favourite song “Let her go” by Passenger come to mind:

Staring at the bottom of my glass,
Hoping against hope that one day we will make dreams last…
But Dreams come slow and they go so fast….

The chase never ends for dreamers living it large on the edge of tomorrow. I take pride in calling myself a dreamer as I wistfully believe in threadbare perceptions of the intricate sub-conscious that all of us should delve into,  ever so often.After all, we are all we have and need in this world right from when it spins to when it turns.All it’s whirls, twirls and swirls get us going.

I love how the glimmer of hope can erase even the darkest of times with a fleeting glimpse of confidence. The looming shadows personified as pervasive intruders turn into silent companions when the light falls in the right places.I trust in the eternity of a complex mind which serves as a home ground for the silhouettes etched as a canvas of visions.Prejudice and judgement will never victimize me but instead,  stand testimony to the fact that in the test of victory, I cast a triumphant shadow on the misjudged trials of doubt.

I find comfort in the darkness of the caverns because I know the light will never go out.The light shines from within and will guide me to a blissful place where the shadows are in harmony with the light.


7 thoughts on “Only a dreamer…

  1. Dreams come slow but go fast well said.I do agree in today’s world better to live in the world of dreams than reality. This materialistic world is selfish and very cruel.Let me join with you dreamer to feel the light within and make each day of my life beautiful. Loved it a lot.keep going with your amazing work.

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    1. Thank you so much❤❤❤ Yes my dreams are a safe place when it comes to escaping from the reality.Still it’s the dreams that give me courage to face challenges and step further because I know this isn’t the end, it’s just a bend in the road.

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