Unanswered guilt…
Unspoken regret…
Unnoticed pain…
Sadly, the perpetrators of such a heinous crime are unapologetic while the victims carry their unknown burden for a lifetime.

Bereft souls torn apart from sexual abuse and bogged down by neglect lose their innocence along the way. Children are usually targeted by unmasked monsters within their circle of trust and attacked in an irreparable manner. Often people are questioned about safety and security in their homes which is laughed off with a nonchalant shrug of the shoulders.


Spare a thought…

Who protects the children from abominable evils like these?
Who gives them the courage to speak up against their own?
Who gives them the strength to carry on and grow up to be responsible adults?
Who explains their muffled sobs and screams of desperation?
Who gives them hope of escape from the sniveling hands of horror?
Who brings an end to this deplorable crime?

This particular thought-provoking artwork at the local art festival showcased at Kalaghoda, Mumbai made me feel incapacitated towards the insurmountable terror of the horrific abuse faced by children all over the world.




28 thoughts on “BETRAYED

  1. Yes. This is a very horrible situation we are in! The closest category to the God, the children are going through a dangerous situation. I can feel your words and can relate to it. The child abuse cases are on a high rise in recent times. It’s a shame that family relatives are involved in such heinous crimes and we are in a situation where we can’t protect the children of our country,. And the picture speaks volumes.

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    1. Thank you for the insightful comment. It breaks my heart to see these innocent souls in pain and turmoil. The horror of it is glaring at us and all I could do is express the rage and concern I felt in that helpless moment.

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  2. A very necessary write. Thank you for sharing. As a survivor of child abuse that my parents were absolutely not aware of I can fully attest that the situation happens in all kinds of homes and not just the homes of poor uneducated people as the popular belief would have it. When discovered and related to the circle of trust like uncles or caregivers, the matter is almost always hushed. Fortunately the taboo is slowly falling to pieces and more people are not only aware but willing to make a change. Both my parents are highly educated individuals but that was no guarantee against such crimes occurring unbeknownst to parents. Children can only be safe when the perpetrators are systematically prosecuted and not just by public opinion or family/social circle disapproval.

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    1. Salute to your fiery spirit and survivor instincts.Thank you for opening up about it and breaking the barriers of forbidden glances at a situation so alarming and detrimental growing at the very heart of our so called safe havens.It’s an abomination that needs to be uprooted so that no child has to deal with the horror of it ever again.I have to agree that education really doesn’t matter and educated parents are still reeling under the shadow of ignorance. I will stand by the voice that shouts out against this derogatory evil.The evildoers should be publicly prosecuted and held in contempt for their actions and not the other way round. Stay strong girl.You have grown into a beautiful individual and hold the strength to speak up against this injustice.Kudos and much love to you.

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      1. Thank you for your kind words. I consider myself lucky as it has enabled me to understand others more and feel more compassion. I worked as a young adult in a centre for abused women. A lot of my poetry was written exorcising my demons. A very useful exercise πŸ™‚

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      2. Indeed.Writing opens up unexplored avenues of freedom and the stories that play out are spun with the yarn of confidence to venture into the depths and have the strength to do so. Your poetry is a reflection of your soul which has faced turmoil and empathy still remains.The endurance accompanied with your compassionate side is impressive.
        Keep up your great work.It’s truly stunning and riveting.

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  3. Very thoughtful message spread by the artwork at Kalaghoda… My heart goes out to the survivors of such heinous crimes. They should be put up on high pedestals and saluted for their undying spirits!
    It’s a good thing that people today are opening up on such stunned away topics, I feel education, rather Right Education can save the future generations from such disgrace!


    1. Right education would make people aware but the minds of the perpetrators breeds cruel intentions, hopefully we can change that.I like the part where people are speaking up but I still dread for the children who at their tender age don’t really find the voice to give back.πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

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      1. Yeah, that’s why I love connecting with children… ‘Someone’s there to hear me talk’ feeling just makes them so happy! Eventually I too learn some great things from them☺️ Keeps the child in me alive!

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      1. Yes , I have known them to be the most empathetic and compassionate individuals on the face of earth.The drudgery of this evil is wiped out by their daunting faith to carry on and rise above all the negativity.


  4. Child abuse is a real curse on our society. The untold pain and agony a child has to go through which is unspoken. It’s always hidden but after reading this write up of betrayed feel that this young generation can bring a change and create awareness about this burning issue. Law makers should redefine strict laws so that such a brutal crime is strictly punished. Our innocent children are saved. Children are a blessing and we have to save them.

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    1. I have used the artwork to convey a message about the trials and tribulations of children leaving behind shreds of innocence. This generation is revolutionary when it comes to facing their demons and not shying away from the horrific experience. They bear testimonies of being triumphant and very articulately express the need to go on.I am blessed to know of strong women like you. Stay motivated and Inspire😊😊😊😊


  5. Stay blessed and keep goingπŸ‘πŸ‘. Your work inspires me and I can see a ray of hopeπŸ˜„ for a better and safer world for our innocent hearts wherein their childhood is not crushed by evil eyes but are let to blossom and spread the fragrance. Children are symbol of love joy and peace and they teach us to live each moment to the fullest. Let’s all join hands and help our innocent hearts to live fearless and fulfill their dreams. ☺

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words.It means a lot.Your endless hope for a better future is the need of the hour and we could use a lot more people like you in the world. 😊😊😊 A big hug to you❀❀❀


    1. Thanks for sharing your post. It’s an eye-opener towards the crime.Hopefully this evil can be uprooted before it takes it’s toll on more innocent souls. All we need is solidarity among the population to spread awareness as a step closer to getting rid of such a rampant nefarious evil.


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