My cup of tea

Remember when you glared at me for being blissfully unaware about making chai/tea. In that fateful moment you unabashedly explained the need of knowing how to make that perfect cup of tea- “How does one survive the wrath of the so-called proceedings of the day without surrendering oneself to the warmth of a well-made cup […]

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Happy feet💙

They said:Black and shiny…polished and fitting.. I said:Oh wait…Are you talking about the shoes I put on today or your notion of me? Just another day in all our lives but then again such an overwhelming amount of adulation for one day.. All I knew when I stumbled away from the doorway today was that […]

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Unfinished: Truth be told

With every brushstroke, speculation mellowed down his perception. With every splash of colour, illusions dulled down his inception. With every luminous thought, an unforeseen vision got enshrined in his conception. I belonged to a different age and time when the truth stood tall in its immeasurable and inconceivable depths. As my gaze swept across the […]

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One day…

Bethrothed loneliness Overthrown sanity Deranged misgivings of the past… Sitting at my desk, I try hard to make sense of the incoherence in my notes. I am a columnist, not a novelist. One of these days, I need to get rid of this writer’s block and dive back into the hurricane (as my many supportive […]

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The dread of war raged on mankind, An inevitable disaster of it’s own find. The perpetual terror dared to incapacitate, What downtrodden souls had in their fate. With near and dear ones lost to ominous powers, Bitter and rampant fell the showers. Millions of people overshadowed by grief, Forced to retreat with the fear of […]


Only a dreamer…

Silhouettes are mystical in a kaleidoscope of dreamscapes…. It’s only a wind chime meant to add melody to the dull moments in life but put under scrutiny, those are dancing dolphins to me. The sweetest reminder that sometimes,  dreams are better than the inexplicable reality that we face everyday. The lyrics to my favourite song […]

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Unanswered guilt… Unspoken regret… Unnoticed pain… Sadly, the perpetrators of such a heinous crime are unapologetic while the victims carry their unknown burden for a lifetime. Bereft souls torn apart from sexual abuse and bogged down by neglect lose their innocence along the way. Children are usually targeted by unmasked monsters within their circle of […]


Brain vs Brawn

“I can’t do this anymore” His eyes filled up with untold despair and he looked at her blankly. She stood up , no longer faltering in his presence and walked out. In that moment, he silently looked at the abandoned wheelchair in the corner of the room and let out a forlorn sigh over her […]

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